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Request appointment with Vibra Health Plan by contacting one of Vibra’s FMO (Field Marketing Organization) partners directly. Vibra’s FMO partners will submit the appointment information into Vibra Health Plan.

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Vibra Health Plans Field Marketing Organizations (FMO):

The FMO will forward all agent appointment paperwork to Vibra Producer Appointments.

The following information should be emailed to Vibra Health Plan:

  1. Signed Producer Acknowledgement form (attached)
  2. Completed Producer Profile (attached)
  3. Signed Marketing Standards of Conduct (attached)
  4. Agent's Date of Birth
  5. 10 year work history
  6. 2 professional references
  7. Copy of Insurance License
  8. A copy of the E & O

Once the contracting paperwork has been reviewed and the agent appointed, you will receive an email notification.

 Medicare Marketing Standards of Conduct

Updated October 1, 2021