About Our Company

The Vibra Difference

Our mission is to create an insurance plan that focuses on the needs of the individuals in our community.

Vibra Health Plan will guide members to achieve vitals and vibrant health by providing each member a Member Advocate who will help the member to understand their healthcare options, to take control of their healthcare needs, and to navigate the often confusing steps along the path to efficient and effective care. Members can rest easy knowing their calls and questions will never go unanswered with our caring and knowledgeable, first-call resolution Member Services Team.

With a management team that has more than a century of combined experience in the areas of managed care and health insurance, Vibra Health Plan is a health insurance plan which has been uniquely designed to offer enhanced coordinated services amongst central Pennsylvanians and a large and growing network of over 13,000 providers, including professional providers and hospitals.

What are Member Advocates?

Member Advocates are dedicated to assisting our members with care navigation and resource referral to maximize the member’s healthcare experience.

Member Advocates will personalize their care to each member by coordinating their services and support, to get them to the right services at the right time.

Member Advocates empower members in making healthcare decisions that are right for them and their families.

Our Member Advocate Program supports the Vibra Health Plan vision through:

  • Tireless support of our members through improvements in healthcare coordination
  • Collaboration with a strong network of community resources ready to assist Vibra Health Plan members
  • Elimination of potential barriers to care and ways to overcome them
  • Education toward improving health and wellness
  • Available 7 days a week

When you become a member of Vibra Health Plan, our Member Advocates are available to discuss programs, offer support, and assist with navigating your healthcare events.

Extra benefits to help you stay healthy

What advantages does a Vibra PPO Plan provide?

With affordable monthly premiums, you get the peace of mind, convenience, and value that comes from knowing that you’re covered by one comprehensive plan. When you enroll in a Vibra PPO plan, you can get:

  • Affordable monthly premiums as low as $01
  • Predictable Out-of-Pocket cost for Out-of-Network medical services
  • PCP copays as low as $5
  • $0 copay for Online Doctor Visits
  • Prescription Drug copays as low as $0
  • $0 plan deductibles
  • $0 Prescription Drug deductible
  • $0 cost for routine hearing exams and $400 hearing aid allowance every 3 years
  • $20 copay for routine vision exams with $125 eyewear allowance every two years
  • $25 monthly allowance for Over the Counter Drugs and Supplies (OTC)1
  • $0 copay for In-Home Support Services – 5 hours allowed per month1
  • Monthly Fresh Produce benefit1,2
  • Routine Dental coverage at $10 cost and an annual allowance of up to $2,000 for comprehensive dental services including dentures
  • SilverSneakers® fitness membership at no additional cost
  • $0 copay for non-emergent routine transportation, up to 24 round trips1
  • Meals provided after hospital discharge1,2
  • Health education sessions with a certified coach
  • Nutritional / Dietary Benefits
  • Services Supporting Self-Direction
  • Transitional / Temporary Supports
  • Medical Nutritional Counseling
  • Member Rewards and Incentives for completing exams1

1Varies by plan

2Must meet eligibility criteria

Updated October 1, 2020