About Our Company

The Vibra Difference

Our mission is to create an insurance plan that focuses on the needs of the individuals in our community.

Vibra Health Plan will guide members to achieve vitals and vibrant health by providing each member a Member Advocate who will help the member to understand their healthcare options, to take control of their healthcare needs, and to navigate the often confusing steps along the path to efficient and effective care. Members can rest easy knowing their calls and questions will never go unanswered with our caring and knowledgeable, first-call resolution Member Services Team.

With a management team that has more than a century of combined experience in the areas of managed care and health insurance, Vibra Health Plan is a health insurance plan which has been uniquely designed to offer enhanced coordinated services amongst central Pennsylvanians and a large and growing network of over 13,000 providers, including professional providers and hospitals.

Our Mission

Vibra Health Plan will provide a superior member experience through relentless member support and through improvements in healthcare coordination, quality and affordability.

Our Vision and Values

Vibra Health Plan will drive maximum value for its members by ensuring that members get the best care possible through:

  • Tireless member support services and advocacy for our members
  • Caring, knowledgeable and empowered staff who provide excellent, compassionate, service
  • Collaboration with our partners including providers of care and all support partners
  • Promoting and using innovative technologies
  • Eliminating barriers and hassles for our members and partners
  • Value - Value each member considering the member’s needs in all decisions and interactions
  • Integrity - Operate with Integrity to build trust, be compliant, and to earn member loyalty
  • Bold - Be Bold and innovative to set the standard for our industry
  • Respect - Have Respect for all we serve and for our team members and partners
  • Attitude - Attitude and teamwork are essential for setting a new standard and reaching new heights

Updated October 1, 2020