Seven Spring Activities for Seniors

After enduring a long winter of harsh snow storms and cold, bitter temperatures, it's quite comforting to know that spring is quickly approaching, which means warmer, more pleasant weather right is around the corner.

What better way to welcome the fresh new season than by spending your free time outdoors in the sunshine? Don't let Mother Nature have all of the fun - join her outside and try one of these fun springtime activities!

Enjoy a picnic

Sunshine, green grass and warm temperatures are quite inviting, so why not take full advantage of spending your time outside during the day? Daily Caring suggested creating a picnic meal and taking it outdoors, whether it's in the park or the patio area at your senior living community. Pack the traditional foods such as sandwiches, coleslaw, potato salad and fruit cobbler and ask a friend to join so you can enjoy the warm weather together.

Go for a walk

As an older adult, staying physically active is more important than ever. It can help boost your energy, maintain your independence and even combat symptoms of illnesses. So, make sure you take advantage of the warm weather and go for a walk through the park! Not only can it count as your physical activity for the day, but the sights of springtime nature that you haven't seen since last year are bound to boost your mood as well.

Get nostalgic

If your state of mobility allows it, go outside and do the activities you used to love as a kid! Real Simple magazine suggested flying a kite, searching for four-leaf clovers and drawing pictures with sidewalk chalk. These are the perfect activities to do with your grandchildren, so consider giving them a call to come out and play for some fun in the sun!

Plant in the garden

Have you ever considered how beneficial gardening is for you well-being? According to the Better Health Channel, it's a great form of exercise, can reduce feelings of stress and can improve your overall strength and endurance. So, take advantage of the warm weather and head outside with the gardening club! Not only can you practice your planting skills, but you can make a friend or two as well!

Do some spring cleaning

According to Daily Caring, spring is the perfect opportunity to get rid of the clutter in your home. So open up the windows, let the fresh air roll in and get to work! If you want a little extra help, call one of your children to come over and go through things with you - it could turn into a chance to share precious memories through the keepsakes and pictures you've found!

Feed the birds

Once the birds start chirping, you know spring has arrived, and it also means they're hungry! To make the birds gathering outside your window happy, consider hanging a bird feeder. You can also turn it into a fun activity by creating your own homemade bird feeder. Consider talking to the staff in the activities department about hosting a craft activity hour for this project.

Go to the farmers market

If your town has a farmers market that showcases local vendors who grow their own produce and flowers, consider stopping by to check it out. Simply strolling around is a great activity, and buying fresh fruits and vegetables is an added bonus! Who knows, maybe you'll find all of the ingredients you need to make that new spring vegetable soup recipe you've been wanting to try out!


Sunrise Senior Living

Updated October 1, 2021