Reasons to Get a Flu Shot

An annual flu shot is a good precaution for nearly everyone, but it’s even more essential for seniors, who are at higher risk for contracting the flu and more likely to suffer complications from the flu.

Here are some key reasons every senior should get a flu shot:

  • Seniors face a higher flu risk than the general population due to an age-weakened immune system and higher likelihood of chronic illness. A flu shot helps protect you from serious illness caused by the flu—illness that can worsen due to your weakened immune system.
  • More than 70 percent of all flu-related deaths happen to people over the age of 65. While a flu shot may not be 100 percent effective in preventing the flu, it does make the flu milder if you are to contract it. Seniors who get the flu shot are actually 50 percent less likely to be hospitalized due to complications caused by the flu. Getting the shot helps protect you from more serious flu complications like pneumonia, which can be fatal.
  • The shot is available for as little as $0! You can get a flu shot at no cost to you as long as your provider accepts Medicare.

Flu season starts in October

Be sure to contact your primary provider and get your flu shot! Who knows, it might just save your life.


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Updated October 1, 2021