Don’t Skip Your Annual Wellness Visit

Make sure you take advantage of this preventive health opportunity.

An annual wellness visit is not a physical

It is more like a conversation with your doctor—a chance to discuss:

  • Your health history
  • Any medications you are taking
  • Any concerns about your current health status

The goal is to create a health “profile” for you that can help prevent future health problems.

When you go to an annual wellness visit, bring the following information:

  • All medications you are taking, including any supplemental vitamins and minerals
  • Your immunization records, including information about flu and pneumonia shots
  • The names of all healthcare providers you are currently seeing or have seen within the last five years, including doctors, pharmacists, therapists, etc.

An annual wellness visit can help reduce your health risks and increase your quality of care, without costing you anything.


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Updated October 1, 2021