Your Rewards

Vibra Health Plan offers a rewards program that provides a gift card for the completion of any of the services listed below.

Members can receive between a $5–$50 gift card per activity

  • Breast cancer screening1
  • Colorectal cancer screening1
  • Bone density testing1
  • Diabetes eye exam1
  • Diabetes A1c testing (two per year)1
  • Arthritis management1
  • Reducing the risk of falling
  • Receiving a flu shot
  • Monitoring physical activity
  • Annual wellness visit
  • Statin Medications1

Members can earn up to $260 annually for completing the services above.

Call the Member Services number on the back of your Vibra ID card to report when one of these activities are complete. Your Member Advocate will go over the rewards card benefit with you at that time.

1Certain eligibility restrictions apply

Updated October 1, 2021