Personalized support for eligible members with Type 2 Diabetes

Learn more about Vibra's Diabetes Reversal Program with Virta

Can you imagine a life without diabetes? Imagine more control over your medical costs, a decreased dependence on prescription drugs, and an overall improvement in your physical health and well-being.

If you are an eligible member1 with Type 2 diabetes, you have the opportunity—at no additional cost to you—to enroll in Virta, an innovative and personalized diabetes reversal program.

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Please note: Members with Type 2 diabetes can participate in either Omada Diabetes Management or Virta Diabetes Reversal. You can switch from one program to the other, but you cannot participate in both at the same time (may take a few weeks after program termination).

The program offers:

Test strip graphic

Free diabetes management supplies
(test strips, meters, etc.)

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A smartphone app to track ketones, glucose, and weight

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A dedicated health coach for professional one-on-one support

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Medical care from a team of doctors

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Support from a virtual community

Stay connected how you like and when you want from your smartphone or tablet with Virta’s user-friendly app.

Download the Virta app today:

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What are your health goals? Whether it’s something as simple as looking for an in-network provider or finding extra motivation to eat well or exercise, we can help you reach them!

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 Get healthy. Stay healthy.

1 Virta's Diabetes Reversal is available to eligible members ages 18 to 79. This program has an application and screening process to determine member eligibility. Some health conditions will exclude members from participation. Virta is covered at no-cost under most plans. Call the number on your ID card (TTY: 711) to confirm coverage.

2Cost comparisons are built from a historical range of amounts paid to providers. This is not a recommendation or endorsement of any particular health care provider or its services and should not be construed as medical advice. Capital Blue Cross does not guarantee that services will be available or will be any particular quality or cost.

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Updated January 5, 2022