Additional Member Benefits

2022 Your Rewards Program

You can earn up to $235 in rewards for lowering health risk factors through participation in the 2022 Your Rewards Program. The Program includes health and wellness activities that can lead to early detection of chronic conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and heart disease. There is no cost to participate. The 2022 Your Rewards Program gets underway in March 2022.

Papa: A Family On-demand

Need help getting to the grocery store or with chores around the house? Papa is an on-demand, assistance service to help you live comfortably at home.


Conveniently connect with a Amwell provider from the comfort of your home. $0 copay!


Stay active with SilverSneakers. A gym membership provided to you at no cost!

Over-the-Counter Benefits

Receive a monthly over-the-counter drug allowance at no cost.

Health Coaching and Education

Do you need personalized, expert advice to keep you healthy? Three 30 minute sessions are no cost to you.

Diabetes and prediabetes

See what diabetes and prediabetes resources are available with your health plan!


Landmark offers convenient in home medical care & chronic care management.

Medical Nutritional Therapy

Live a healthy lifestyle. Get help to improve your diet and make better food choices.

Dental, Hearing and Vison

Receive additional dental, vision, and hearing benefits.


Transportation services. Certain restrictions may apply.

Nutritional and Dietary

Connect with a registered dietician. Learn how to eat healthier, decrease the risk of chronic issues and manage your weight.

Food and Produce

Receive a monthly food and produce allowance for qualifying members at no additional cost.

Transitional Support Services

Get connected to community based programs through our Member Advocates.

Services Supporting Self Direction

Take charge of your health. Our Member Advocates will help you manage all aspects of your healthcare.

Updated October 1, 2021